How Do I Treat My Varicose Veins?

A number of treatments are available to treat varicose veins.

Short-term solutions for alleviating immediate pain and discomfort can involve elevating the legs (allowing gravity to assist in blood drainage) and avoiding standing/sitting for long increments to increase circulation.

If obesity plays a role, weight loss can make a significant, positive difference. Regular exercise can help to mitigate the symptoms in any situation.

More extreme cases may require semi-invasive medical procedures or surgeries in order for the condition to be cured.

Compression Therapy

Most doctors will recommend compression therapy to their varicose vein patients. Compression therapy typically involves frequent use of compression wear, which is designed to create upward pressure on the legs and increase circulation.

Pressure levels can be customized depending on the severity of the condition, from light to heavy compression. Length can be adjusted from mid-calf to knee-high to thigh-high according to the scope of the affected veins. Many different styles, such as casual/formal socks, stockings, panty hose, and athletic wear are available so that compression therapy can be utilized in any social setting.

Alpine Home Medical carries all types of compression wear for your compression therapy needs. After a vein screening, which will determine which pressure level and length you need, you can visit one of Alpine's seven retail locations throughout Utah and Eastern Idaho to get measured and find the compression wear that's right for you.

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